What we do

In today’s digital world there is abundance of data everywhere. Millions of facts are recorded everyday about different aspects of business. However unless this data is converted into information and knowledge it is not viable in strategic decision making and operations efficiency of a company. Information and knowledge helps businesses make informed decisions, which are more predictive with high success probability and low risk. Other key component is effective representation of this information to different audiences in appropriate formats such as dashboards, formatted reports, ad-hoc/flexible structure reports.

When it comes to business intelligence there is an abundance of products available in market. Besides selecting the appropriate product for company’s needs, one of the major challenges faced by companies is to figure out how to effectively utilize different capabilities of the BI product to justify the investment. How to identify, build, adopt and integrate different KPIs to get the holistic view of their business units?
At Edgetek solutions we bring in years of expert knowledge in the area of business intelligence to help clients substantiate their BI investment by helping them:
  • Identify the right set of data warehousing and reporting tools,
  • Define BI strategy and future roadmap,
  • Setup BI governance and change management,
  • Plan BI releases,
  • Identify and rationalize KPIs across organization,
  • Authentication, reconciliation and authorization of information,
  • Build test deliver and support BI solutions.

Within BI space Edgetek solutions has technological concentration on SAP BI, SAP HANA, Business Objects, Teradata, Informatica and Qlikview.